Food Technology & Nutrition

Curriculum Intent:

At Polam Hall School our Food and Nutrition curriculum aims to:

Develop not only a love of cooking but also a deep understanding of how food is produced and the vital role it plays in good healh.

Enable pupils to create exciting meals that are well presented.

Ensure that pupils have a clear and in depth understanding of the nutrients within the dishes that they create. 

Ensure that pupils know not only the nutritional value of foods but also the function of those nutrients and the effect they have on health.  

Give pupils a good understanding of Food Science and how food processes work.

At GCSE students follow the AQA specification. Further details can be found using this link:


Subject Documents Date  
Age Related Expectations Yr 7.pdf 08th Jul 2019 Download
Age Related Expectations Yr 8.pdf 08th Jul 2019 Download
Age Related Expectations Yr9.pdf 08th Jul 2019 Download
KS4 Core Skills and Knowledge.pdf 08th Jul 2019 Download
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