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Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Intent

The curriculum at Polam Hall School is intended to develop the four core traits of our Learner Profile: Confidence, Creativity, Curiosity and a Community spirit.

Our curriculum is designed to realise the potential of every individual child and open doors for our pupils as they move through life, through the knowledge and skills that they have gained whilst in our school.

Our Academic Curriculum and Concordia Crescimus Curriculum combine to develop individual talents and the core traits in each pupil.

The Academic Curriculum is divided into four strands, which are organised differently according to the phase and stage of pupils:

  1. Languages and Literature.
  2. Science, Technology and Mathematics (STEM).
  3. Practical and Performance.
  4. Humanities.

The Concordia Crescimus Curriculum is divided into six strands:

  1. Sport and the Outdoors
  2. Creativity
  3. Performance
  4. Volunteering and Membership
  5. World of Work
  6. PSHE

Curriculum Implementation

To achieve this our curriculum:

  • Is deliberately broad from Reception to Year 9 to allow all pupils to explore the full range of academic disciplines and creative arts, followed by a range of KS4 options which ensure all pupils can pursue their aptitudes and interests.
  • Is carefully designed to create excellent progression across the phases of our school so that each child achieves highly, using specialist teaching and introducing content early in order to create seamless transition.
  • Is challenging, with high quality texts and sources at the centre of the curriculum, and an emphasis on ensuring that all pupils read widely, are highly numerate and have the vocabulary to confidently express themselves.
  • Has a focus on problem solving and answering questions which requires pupils to be curious and creative learners.
  • Has a clarity about the knowledge and skills that we require all pupils to acquire at each stage of their Polam journey.
  • Develops character, confidence and resilience in every pupil by ensuring that all have access to a wide range of experiences and opportunities.
  • Provides personal and social education which creates confident individuals, able to live safe and fulfilling lives and make positive contributions to their communities.


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