In Junior School homework is centred on reading, spellings and maths. We ask all our children to read at home and hope that as parents you can find the time to hear them read. In Years 5 and 6, to prepare pupils for Senior School we will set more homework, including some practice work for SATS.

In Years 7 – 9 homework is focused on the core subjects in the curriculum and the amount of homework set is greater each year.

In Years 10 and 11 students will be expected to work independently in all their GCSE subjects and the amount of homework will increase as we approach the GCSE examinations. We have a special programme of study and revision skills which we deliver to Year 11 students to help them know how to revise.

Homework across the school is set on Show My Homework. When your child begins their time at Polam Hall you will be given a login for the system – but all homework can be accessed at any time without logging in, simply by viewing the full homework calendar on this website. If you need a login for Show My Homework please contact the office or your child’s Head of KS in Senior School.



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Y7 Homework TT 2022 23 V2 25th Jan 2023 Download
Y8 Homework TT 2022 23 V2 25th Jan 2023 Download
Y9 Homework TT 2022 23 25th Jan 2023 Download
Y10 and Y11 Homework TT 2022 23 V2 25th Jan 2023 Download
Junior School Homework TT 2022 23 09th Mar 2023 Download
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