Absence Reporting and Attendance

Polam Hall is committed to securing the best outcomes for each of its pupils and recognises the high correlation identified between progress, achievement and attendance. Good attendance and punctuality not only benefits a child’s education but is excellent preparation for adult life.

As such the school encourages all pupils to aim for 100% attendance, setting a school target of above 95%

Absence Procedures 

Parents are asked to notify the school as soon as possible if they know their child needs to be absent. 

Unexpected absences, for example due to illness, must be reported to the Attendance Team by phone (01325 463383) or email before 8.45am. A message may be left on the school answer phone if necessary. 

All absence must be accompanied by an explanation so that the appropriate authorisation may be noted in the register. This is a legal requirement. 

Medical Appointments

Parents are asked to make routine medical and dental appointments outside school time wherever possible. Where such appointments in school time are unavoidable, school should be informed in advance when possible. A present mark may still be awarded if the child attends for as much of the session as they can. It is always better to attend for some of the time, rather than missing the whole day. 

Pupils who need to be collected for an appointment must also provide an explanation and must be collected from and signed out at the school office by parents. 


If pupils are late at the start of the day they can miss information from their tutor/teacher and class work. Late arrival is also disruptive for other pupils and can be both embarrassing and distressing for the child themselves. It is also poor training for life. 

Pupils arriving late must report to the school office on arrival and sign in. 

Leave in Exceptional Circumstances

Please note that a request for a term-time holiday is NOT a parental right. Leave may be granted in exceptional circumstances but arrangements should not be made without the school’s agreement in advance. Parents who wish to apply for such leave must submit an application form to Mrs K Reid, Principal (application forms are available from the main school office and on the website)

The school has a legal duty to promote good attendance. Equally, parents and carers have a duty to make sure that their children attend regularly. School staff are committed to working closely with parents to ensure as high a level of attendance as possible.  Please work with us. 


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