More Able Pupils: The Polam Scholars

At Polam Hall we are dedicated to stretching the most academically able to the very highest standards of excellence through a tailored programme, which runs throughout the phases of our school.

This provision includes:

  1. Effective identification, tracking, monitoring and intervention procedures in both Junior and Senior Schools, which recognise able pupils from all backgrounds and ensure that they are supported to achieve their very best.
  2. Developing a culture of challenge and curiosity for learning throughout our schools which makes our most able pupils think hard, both within lessons and throughout their wider school experience.
  3. A commitment to nurturing scholastic excellence and developing an ethos where academic excellence is championed and students are imbued with confidence and ambition.
  4. A targeted enrichment programme, utilising both internal and external expertise, which provides a breadth of knowledge, skills and attitudes.

We are members of NACE (The National Association for Able Children in Education) which enables our staff to access a wide range of resources and training.

Our provision for the most able and The Polam Scholars programme are led by Dr Gardner, who can be contacted here.

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