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Our Ethos

Our Ethos

Concordia Crescimus: We Grow in Harmony

Our Vision

To create flourishing young people with ambition and integrity who are equipped intellectually, morally and socially to live fulfilling lives and make positive contributions to their communities.

Our Mission

It is our mission to build on the unique heritage of Polam Hall School in order to educate the whole child, developing leadership, compassion, character, academic ambition and achievement. We have high expectations and aspirations for every member of our school community, and an explicit focus on developing strong relationships which enable each individual to succeed and grow.

Our Values

We nurture the unique talents and ambitions of each of our pupils, developing confidence and aspiration in our children and young people.

We foster a spirit of inquiry, curiosity and creativity, creating a true learning community that achieves excellence in the classroom, the arts, on the sports field and beyond.

We educate both intellect and character, promoting spiritual, moral and academic development.

We collaborate to create an inclusive, caring and compassionate community, rooted in the values of equality, respect and tolerance which were prized by our Quaker founders.

The principles of Confidence, Creativity, Curiosity and Community underpin all we do. They form the core values of our Learner Profile which can be read here.

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