Primary Wider Curriculum

Our Primary wider curriculum aims to enthuse our children with a curiosity for each subject, whilst providing them with a good foundation of subject specific skills and knowledge to enable them to succeed at Secondary school.

We teach History, Geography, Art and Design Technology through our ‘Convince Me..?’ curriculum. Children are given a question to which they must discover the answer – for example… ‘Is it ever right to fight?’  Each ‘Convince Me..? topic ends with a Showcase, where parents are invited to view the work created.

Science is delivered through ‘Convince Me..?’ in Year 1 then through discrete Science lessons from Year 2 to Year 6. In KS2 specialist teaching is provided by Secondary staff and pupils have the opportunity to use the Senior School laboratories.

All our Primary pupils experience Latin through the Minimus curriculum ( This gives them a good grounding in language learning, as a foundation to their study of either French or German in Senior School. It also builds their understanding of how our own language and vocabulary is formed.

Music is delivered through the Charanga curriculum which covers the following areas:  Listening and Appraising; Musical Activities — creating and exploring; and Singing and Performing.

Physical Education is delivered by Secondary specialists and by class teachers. We teach a range of sports and encourage our pupils to be fit and active as well as competing against each other, in Houses and in local tournaments. 

Our Primary Computing curriculum focuses on three elements: developing pupils’ skills in using computing technology; how to keep themselves safe online and coding using Scratch.

We teach RE using a question based approach which requires pupils to explore a range of religions while developing their enquiry skills.

PSHE is taught using the Jigsaw PSHE curriculum, which provides a detailed and comprehensive scheme of learning for our pupils from 4-16. The Jigsaw curriculum covers Personal, Social and Health Education, Relationships and Health Education for our Primary pupils and RSE for our Secondary students as well as emotional literacy, social skills and spiritual development.

Subject Documents Date  
KS1 SATS Information for Parents.ppt 09th Jul 2019 Download
Year 3 Spelling Overview.doc 09th Jul 2019 Download
Year 4 Spelling Overview.doc 09th Jul 2019 Download
Year 5 Spelling Overview.doc 09th Jul 2019 Download
Year 6 Spelling Overview.doc 09th Jul 2019 Download
Y1 Topic overview 19th Feb 2020 Download
Y2 Topic Overview 09th Mar 2020 Download
Y4 Topic Overview 09th Mar 2020 Download
Y6 Topic Overview 19th Feb 2020 Download
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