Primary English

Curriculum Intent

At Polam Hall School our English curriculum aims to:

Instil a life-long love and enthusiasm for reading, writing and the spoken word.

Promote an appreciation for the art of effective and eloquent communication.

Recognise the value of words above everything and develop a culture of word-consciousness where students are able to use vocabulary effectively.

Deliver creative, engaging and innovative lessons which develop curiosity and confidence in writing, reading and oral communication skills.

Enable pupils to work independently and as part of a community, supporting one another in their learning journey.

Nurture imagination and creativity within our pupils, allowing them to explore their own love and curiosity for language and literature.


We teach English through the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education's 'Power of Reading'. This is then linked to our KS3 schemes of work which also have texts at the centre of the curriculum.

The Power of Reading overview can be found below, as can an overview of reading throughout the English curriculum across our school. 

Subject Documents Date  
Power of Reading 19 20 Overview Final 08th Mar 2020 Download
Reading in the English Curriculum Progression Map 08th Mar 2020 Download
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