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    Polam Hall charges for board and lodgings only; there are no tuition fees.

    We offer both full boarding and weekly boarding.

    With full boarding the children stay with us at weekends, returning home, or to stay with relatives, during the school holidays. Supervised on site activities and day excursions are arranged at weekends.

    With weekly boarding, our boarders return home every weekend, travelling home after school on a Friday and returning to us in time for the start of School on a Monday morning.


    Associated Costs Below:


    Full Boarding: £11,100

    Per Term: £3,700


    Weekly:  £10,461

    Per Term: £3,487


    Pay ‘per night’ flexi-boarding

    We have a limited bed space available on a ‘per night’ basis for students who may wish to stay on single nights through the week. This option is especially useful for older students participating in after school activities and staying until late, or for day pupils whose parents occasionally work away.

    The current price of accommodation is £60 per night and includes bed, breakfast and evening meal. Please note, places are limited and we recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment