Computing and Creative iMedia


Curriculum Intent

At Polam Hall School, our Computing curriculum aims to:

Prepare our pupils for an ever changing work climate.

Educate our pupils to become good digital citizens.

Provide our pupils with creative opportunities to represent their ideas in different forms

Creative iMedia

Curriculum Intent

At Polam Hall School our Creative iMedia curriculum aims to:

Encourage independence, creativity and awareness of the digital media sector.

Equip learners with a range of creative media skills and provide opportunities to develop, in context, desirable, transferable skills such as research, planning, and review, working with others and communicating creative concepts effectively.

Enable students to create fit-for-purpose creative media products.

Challenge all learners, including high attaining learners, by introducing them to demanding material and techniques; encouraging independence and creativity and providing tasks that engage with the most taxing aspects of the National Curriculum.

Allow learners the freedom to explore the areas of creative media that interest them as well as providing good opportunities to enhance their learning in a range of curriculum areas.

Students follow the Cambridge Nationals specification. Further details can be found using this link:

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