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    Sixth Form Pastoral Care

    The pastoral care offered our Year 12 and 13 students is appropriate to the transition they are each making from children into young adults. It is supportive and empowering and we avoid too much ‘molly coddling’ along the way. We want our students to be self-reliant and confident and our pastoral programme is in place to facilitate this.

    The key strength of our pastoral care, and the feature that makes our Sixth Form quite different, is the one-to-one relationships between pupils and staff which develop as a result of our tutor system.

    A key aspect of the Sixth Form Tutor role is in assisting students with life-changing decisions, not least around university choices and careers. Tutors offer invaluable support in this process, steering students in the right direction for finding relevant information and assisting with the completion of their UCAS forms.

    It is the depth and consistency of this on going pupil-teacher relationship that guarantees that every student is helped to realise their potential and discover where their real strengths lie.