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    Report an Absence

    It is our priority to ensure that our pupils are safe and accounted for during the School day. If your child is ill or unable to attend School for any other reason we ask that you inform us immediately before 9am on the first day of absence if you haven’t already contacted us in advance.

    Call 01325 463383 to report a Senior or Sixth Form absence

    Call 01325 373836 to report a Junior absence

    If the School office does not hear from you, and the absence is unexplained, we will contact you during the morning, either at home, work or to a mobile telephone number to find out why your child is not in School.

    If your child is still off school after three days, we will contact you again to enquire about your child’s health and potential date of return. The absence can then be authorised on the School’s management information system.

    When your child does return to School please provide a written note confirming the absence which will enable us to keep the attendance record up to date.

    Long Term Absence

    A potential long-term absence (such as a lengthy illness or hospitalisation) should be discussed with your child’s form tutor. They will then be able to organise any homework, as appropriate, and make any necessary arrangements for their return to school.

    GP and Dental Appointments

    We ask that routine GP and dental appointments be made outside school hours. If an appointment falls within school hours then please write to your child’s form tutor in advance. Senior students should sign out at the main office reception when leaving for appointments and sign back in when they return.

    Leave of Absence in ‘Exceptional Circumstances’

    As a Free School our holidays are longer than other state schools and we therefore do not expect parents to take their children out of School for family holidays during term time. However, there may be occasions when this is unavoidable for exceptional reasons. It is a legal requirement for parents/carers to seek the Head’s permission to remove a child during term time and parents are strongly advised not to make any holiday bookings until confirmation of their request for absence has been agreed. Click on the button below to download our request form.