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    Religious Studies

    Religious Studies

    Subject overview

    Religious Studies is a newly reformed, diverse and issues-centred course. Religious Studies tackles a range of moral, social and philosophical issues relevant to life in 21st century Britain. From big philosophical questions about the origins of the universe and the existence of God, to ethical questions concerning life, death, relationships and human rights, Religious Studies is an excellent way to stimulate healthy debate and develop critical thinking skills.

    Religious Studies enables students to explore the way in which modern day religious belief is manifested and has been shaped throughout its history. At GCSE, Students will take an in depth and academic look at the specific beliefs, teachings and practices of Christianity and Islam. At A level, students specialise in Christianity and explore theological developments in the rich diversity of Christian thought.

    An interactive and discursive subject, Religious Studies requires students to push themselves outside of their comfort zones, take intellectual risks, have their beliefs challenged, and to engage in a variety of debating methods.  As well as this, Religious Studies is an essay based subject so students must be confident in producing extended pieces of writing and be able to independently access, research and critique a variety of written sources.

    A wide combination of academic, critical thinking and transferable ‘soft’ skills are nurtured through Religious Studies. Not only does this help to produce well rounded and compassionate individuals, but also equips students with skills demanded right across the range of employment sectors.

    Religious Studies tackles both religious and secular perspectives of philosophy, morality and ethics. The subject is relevant, accessible and fascinating to students of all religious, and non-religious, backgrounds

    At GCSE students follow the AQA A specification. Further details can be found using this link:


    At A Level students follow the OCR specification. Further details can be found using this link:


    At Polam Hall School we assess KS3 students against age related expectations and have defined the curriculum for all Senior School students through the core skills and core knowledge for each year group. Further details for Religious Studies can be found here:

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