Rachel Young

Rachel Young – Head of Operations, Temp Team

When were you at Polam?

1981 – 1993

What did you study at Polam?

Up to GCSE

What are you doing today?

Operations Director – overseeing the UK division of a recruitment business, including a lot of field-base work at branch locations. Management of 50 full-time staff ensuring they meet agreed targets and ultimately a revenue target each week.

How did Polam help you to get there?

Confidence in dealing with people on all levels, including speaking in public and directing presentations to a particular audience. I also gained a basic business understanding of concepts such as profit and loss (GCSE Commerce) and learned the  importance of good basic grammar & letter writing.

What’s your best memory of Polam?

Some of my friends now are people I met when I was 4 and had just started at Polam.

Who was you favourite teacher?

Mrs Pemberton – I thoroughly enjoyed History GCSE (more than A Level) and all of the things we did about the industrial revolution I remember really clearly today. Mrs Hyslop – she gave me lots of extra coaching and time to help me improve my German and I ultimately went on to do A Level German as a result.