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    Pupil Privacy Promise

    1. Introduction

    As a pupil at our school it is important for us to explain to you about what data we collect either from you directly or from your parent or guardian. The law requires us to tell you about this information and so we set out below as much detail as possible about how we process your data.

    Unfortunately, there is quite a bit for us to tell you about and some of it can be quite complicated. We have tried to explain everything in ways that you should be able to understand, but if you need help understanding what it means, you can ask your parents, guardians or another responsible adult such as your teacher.

    2. Who are we?

    You will already know that your school is called Polam Hall School and we are part of a wider group of schools called the Woodard Academy Trust.

    Should you, your parents or guardians wish to contact us about the information we keep about you, the best person at the school to contact is:

    Julie Mogridge

    Academy Data Protection Champion

    Polam Hall School

    Grange Road


    Co. Durham DL1 5PA



    You, your parents or guardians are also able to contact the Academy Trust’s Data Protection Officer:

    Mark Gracey

    Data Protection Officer

    Woodard Academies Trust,

    1 Adam Street,  London, WC2N 6LE mark.gracey@woodard.co.uk


    Or, if you would like, you can speak with your teacher.


    3.What information are we talking about and what do we do with it?

    When you join our school, we need to ask for information about you, called “data”. Such data will include information like your name, where you live, your birthday, your parent or guardian’s names and how we can contact them. We may also ask for other information about your previous school and information about any medicines you may take.

    We may also be provided information about you, by your previous school or the government. And, whilst you attend our school we will also collect other information about you, such as how well you do in class, how well you do in exams, details of when you are off sick, any problems you have, and so on.

    All this information is needed by us for as long as you are a pupil at our school. It will help us:

    • Understand the best way to teach you
    • Understand how well you are doing in school
    • Make sure you feel safe and looked after whilst at school
    • Improve the way we teach in schools

    We will normally only ever ask for information about you when it is needed, for example because the law tells us we must or because we need it to help you at school. Sometimes we may ask for information that you don’t need to provide if you don’t want to, and it will be clear for you or your parents or guardians what information that might be.

    When we do use your information, it will always be because we need to use it, but we will only use it in a way that you would expect us to. Where we want to use your information in a different way we may need to ask you or your parents or guardians for permission to do so; if that happens we will explain why we need your permission.


    4.How long will we keep your information?

    Unless we tell you otherwise, we will keep your information for as long you are a pupil at our school. If you leave to go to another school your information will be passed to your new school, otherwise we will keep it until you are 25 and then destroy it.

    However, there are some kinds of information that we must always keep about you. The law will require us to keep this information.

    We will never keep information about you when we do not need to, unless the law tells us we must.


    5.Who will be able to see your data?

    We will store all your information safely and will ensure that only authorised people, such as teachers and school staff are able to access the data.

    We will not share any of your information with anyone outside of the school unless the law tells us we must or if we need to, to provide the services we offer to you, in school.

    Examples of when we may need to share data include:

    • If you change school, we will pass your information to your new school
    • If you are over 13 years old, we have to supply a copy of your data to our local council to help them offer and monitor your education and learning until you are 19 years old (for example for Youth Support Services)
    • We have to give some of your information to the government. The government may then use or share this data to support schools in our area, but they will only do so when the law allows them to (for example for the National Pupil Database, for school census). You can find out more about the information we have to share with the government, on their website: https://www.gov.uk/education/datacollection-and-censuses-for-schools
    • For disclosures connected with any special help you receive (e.g. SEN support)
    • To the school nurse
    • To a group of people, called a panel, who may be investigating an issue in school that involves you
    • Other services which include Parent Pay for payments, NRS for biometric, Arbor, Milk Student Planner, Kerboodle, Marvellous Me, Classroom Monitor, MLS (library system), Evolve, Unifrog, IDL Cloud.


    We may use some computer programs that allow us to provide services in school that may require us to share data with those programs. Where we use these services, we will always make sure they understand what they can and cannot do with your information and we will have made sure they understand the law themselves. Using these programs may mean we store your information on computers not based in the United Kingdom or Europe; if this is the case we will make sure they understand our laws and use these laws for your information.


    At all other times we will not give your information to anyone else. This will include other pupils, their parents or guardians of anyone else that does not need to see it. If we did need to share your information with anyone else, we would always ask you or your parent or guardian first, unless the law allows us to without your permission.


    6. Your rights

    Even though we collect the information about you, it is still your information and the law gives you rights about the use of that data. This section sets out those rights and what you can do if you want to use one or any of them. You can find more information about your rights on the following website: https://ico.org.uk/for-the-public/.

    6.1. Complaints

    If you or your parent or guardian, want to make a compliant about the way we are processing your information, you can contact us, using the contact details above.

    You also have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office: https://ico.org.uk/concerns/

    6.2. Withdrawal of consent, restricting processing or objecting to processing

    Where we needed to ask your permission to use your information, you are allowed to change your mind. Just contact us, using the contact details above.

    Or, if you are worried about how we are using your data or if you or your parent or guardian would like to raise an objection or prevent us from using your information further, please contact us using the contact details above, telling us why you are worried.



    6.3. Keeping your data up to date

    If any of the information we have about you changes, becomes out of date or wrong, you can use the contact details above to tell us about the changes needed and we will update the information we are keeping, to make sure it is correct.

    6.4. Erasure of your data (the “right to be forgotten”)

    Sometimes you may be able to ask us to delete your information from our systems. If this is possible we can do this for you, but we will not be able to destroy any information that we need to keep (for example if the law tells us we need the information). Again, you can use the contact details above to ask us to consider deleting your information.

    6.5. Portability

    You are also able to ask us to provide you with a digital copy of any information we collected from you or your parents or guardians. This will not be all the information we hold on you, but if you want a computer copy of your data, please contact us.

    6.6. Access to your data

    You may also ask to see a copy of all the information we have about you. Where we are allowed to provide you with this information we can do so for free and within one month of you asking.

    You will need to contact us to request this information and depending on how you ask we may need to check that it is really you, so don’t be worried if we ask you or your parents or guardians to confirm that it really is you asking.


    7. More information

    If you or your parents or guardians would like to know more about how the law affects what information we hold and use about you, you can read about it on the Information Commissioner’s Office website: https://ico.org.uk


    8. Changes to our privacy notice

    We may change or update elements of this document from time to time or as required by law. The latest version of this privacy notice is available on request from school or can be found on the school website.


    9. Document control


    Final version: 16.5.18