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    Polam Seniors

    At Polam Hall we strive to offer a unique combination of relatively small class sizes, innovative teaching, and outstanding pastoral care – all delivered within a happy, caring atmosphere.


    Enriched learning

    We put considerable emphasis on numeracy and literacy and have an impressive track record in producing confident, able and articulate students who go on to make their mark at university and in the world of work.

    We aim to provide a broad-based, enriching education that focuses on acquiring knowledge and skills, at the same time enhancing personal attributes.

    Every student is regarded as an individual with something valuable to offer; not just a statistic on a list of exam results. Our examination results are good, and they matter to us greatly, but we do not let them detract from our firm belief that education is as much about preparing our students for life and creating confident and well-balanced citizens, as it is about academic attainment. Our pupils enjoy a diverse and dynamic curriculum.


    Extra-curricular activities

    Helping to achieve this, Polam Hall has an exciting extra-curricular programme where students are able to thrive through sport, music and drama, and we run the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and a Combined Cadet Force, amongst other groups. We also have a popular and long-established house system which provides our older students with leadership roles and specific areas of responsibility, developing all the positive aspects of self-identity, self-purpose and shared participation.