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    Polam Hall School prides itself on the strong relationship with parents and this is reflected in the success and popularity of Polam Hall Parents Association (PHPA).

    PHPA holds fundraising events on behalf of the school and makes invaluable contributions towards the cost of equipment, facilities, activities and trips.

    Join us

    Parents, grandparents, family members and Old Scholars are all encouraged to become members, and even put themselves forward to sit on the committee. PHPA is a sociable and fulfilling way to be fully part of the fabric of school life while offering much-appreciated financial and moral support to pupils and staff. New members are always warmly welcomed and anyone wishing to join should contact our Chair, via the email link below.


    PHPA’s Numbers Club

    Numbers Club is a fundraising scheme operated by the Parents’ Association. To subscribe you simply purchase one or more numbers at a cost of £1.00 per month (payable 12 months in advance). Allocated numbers are then entered into a monthly draw. Half the monies raised are paid out in two prizes, ie. there are two winners each month, and the remainder is put towards PHPA’s fundraising.

    Last year’s Parents’ Association funds enabled us make the final payment on the school minibus and give £2500 to the school for outdoor play equipment for the Junior and Senior schools.  Every month winners are contacted directly by the PHPA.

    New members can join Numbers Club between September and the end of November.  To Join Numbers Club please print off, fill in and attach a cheque to the form below and leave it at Senior School Reception by the end of November 2018.

    For further information please contact Faith Miller at phpanumbersclub@gmail.com or 07798 854570

    Our Latest Newsletter:

    PHPA Newsletter March 2019