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    Pastoral Care

    The aim at Polam Hall is to provide a live-in experience that is positive and fulfilling for every boarder. We keep a close eye on their well-being as well as their academic progress and have experienced staff in place to provide a nurturing and supportive environment where the children feel at home.

    A word about Pastoral Care from our Head of Boarding, Mr David Brown

    ‘Ultimately, it is our aim to help our boarders to ‘grow in harmony’ and to support their development into happy, confident and successful young adults. Each boarding house is staffed by house parents who not only carry out the day-to-day practical duties of running a boarding house, they also act as leaders, mentors and confidants. The ratio of staff to boarders is exceptionally high which further reinforces the sense of family. Female members of staff are often referred to by boarders as ‘mums’ and there is a healthy balance between respect and affection. All our ‘mums’ have a listening ear and are there to support the children out of school hours and we have an Independent Listener who also visits regularly.

    Unlike many state boarding schools, Polam Hall also has the rare benefit of having teaching staff closely involved in pastoral care for boarders. This is important, as it is the teachers who most appreciate the pressures of schoolwork and exams and they are the ones best placed to get the most out of each child.

    All boarders are involved in electing our Boarding Council which ensures that everyone’s voice is heard. A Head Boarder, Deputies, and Heads and Deputies of our two competitive Boarding Houses – Peace and Harmony – are elected each year and help to organise inter-house competitions and team building events.’

    Mr Brown can be emailed here.