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    Modern Foreign Languages

    Subject overview

    The Languages Department at Polam Hall aims to offer exciting and enriching opportunities to nurture students’ linguistic talents and enable them to continue using these skills in later life for work or for pleasure.

    But this is not all. We believe that in addition to their growing knowledge of and confidence in speaking a foreign language, our students will develop excellent communication and presentation skills with a truly international perspective.

    Students at Polam Hall will study French in the Junior School, providing a firm foundation in this language. They, and those pupils that join us from other primary schools, will study French in Year 7.

    In Year 8 all pupils will also begin their study of German, enabling greater scope and choice at GCSE.

    At GCSE students follow the Edexcel specifications for both French and German. Further details can be found using these links:

    French: https://qualifications.pearson.com/en/qualifications/edexcel-gcses/french-2016.html

    German: https://qualifications.pearson.com/en/qualifications/edexcel-gcses/german-2016.html

    At Polam Hall School we assess KS3 students against age related expectations and have defined the curriculum for all Senior School students through the core skills and core knowledge for each year group. Further details for MFL can be found here:


    Filename / LinkSize
    Age_Related_Expectations_L4_French.pdf446.73 Kb
    Age_Related_Expectations_L5_French.pdf218.24 Kb
    Age_Related_Expectations_L5_German.pdf246.18 Kb
    Age_Related_Expectations_U4_French1.pdf245.03 Kb
    Age_Related_Expectations_U4_German.pdf354.39 Kb
    KS4_Core_Skills_and_Knowledge_French.pdf216.15 Kb
    KS4_Core_Skills_and_Knowledge_German.pdf215.4 Kb