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    GCSE Revision Resources

    Subject overview

    The Mathematics Department aims to encourage pupils to develop the ability to think and communicate mathematically – precisely, logically and creatively.  We seek to promote a positive attitude to mathematics including confidence, enjoyment and perseverance, together with an awareness of mathematics both as a subject in its own right and in relation to other disciplines.

    We strive to provide pupils with the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding needed to apply a range of mathematical concepts to situations, which may arise in their own lives.

    We seek to maintain high academic standards so that every student can achieve their full potential but not forgetting that mathematics is a subject to be enjoyed by everyone whatever their attainment level.

    Pupils should be able to:

    •           Interpret and use mathematical data, symbols and terminology.
    •           Recognise numerical, algebraic and spatial relationships.
    •           Identify and use the technique appropriate to a given situation.
    •           Develop mathematical arguments.
    •           Communicate their solutions to problems in a clear way both in a written form and orally.
    •           Interpret solutions to problems in the context of the problems.
    •           Discuss mathematical ideas fluently and confidently.
    •           Use a calculator efficiently but be competent numerically without the use of a calculator.
    •           Have the ability to work individually and as part of a group.
    •           The confidence to experiment and make mistakes, and persevere when problems arise.

    At GCSE students follow the Pearson specification. Further details can be found using this link:


    At A Level students follow the OCR specification. Further details can be found using these links for Mathematics and Further Mathematics:



    At Polam Hall School we assess KS3 students against age related expectations and have defined the curriculum for all Senior School students through the core skills and core knowledge for each year group. Students at Polam Hall School begin GCSE Mathematics in Year 9.


    Filename / LinkSize
    Age Related Expectations Y7.pdf206.7 Kb
    Age Related Expectations Y8.pdf162.45 Kb
    KS4 and KS5 Core Skills and Knowledge yr 9 -11 Foundation GCSE.pdf428.5 Kb
    KS4 and KS5 Core Skills and Knowledge yr 9-11 Higher GCSE.pdf336.05 Kb
    KS4 and KS5 Core Skills and Knowledge yr12 AS Maths.pdf428.79 Kb
    KS4 and KS5 Core Skills and Knowledge yr12 FMaths.pdf428.71 Kb