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    Kayleigh France

    Kayleigh France, Aircraft Technician. Royal Air Force

    When were you at Polam?

    I studied at Polam Hall from January 2005 when I joined half way through lower 5, up until the end of 6th form in summer 2009.

    What did you study at Polam?

    I studied ICT, Biology and Business Studies at A-Level

    What are you doing today?

    Now I am training to become an aircraft technician in the Royal Air Force, based at RAF Marham in Norfolk. We got back from a 4.5 month tour in Afghanistan in July this year. The main part of my job involves fixing and maintaining Tornado jets.

    How did Polam help you to get there?

    Polam helped me a lot with support in the latter part of my school career as I was undecided about whether or not to go to university. But luckily Mrs Dobson was on hand with her ‘career knowledge’ and helped me to make the decision to join as soon as I left 6th form.

    What’s your best memory of Polam?

    My greatest memory of school has to be the friends I made whilst in the boarding house. Students and staff alike. I regularly go back to visit, as my younger sister Ellie still attends there.

    Who was your favourite teacher?

    Mrs Dobson really helped me to figure out what I was going to do once I left Polam.