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    Juniors Pastoral Care

    At Polam Hall School pastoral care is an integral part of the school day. Provision for PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education) is woven into everything we do and all our teaching is focused towards friendship and mutual support between peers.

    The message is reinforced by the School motto: ‘Concordia crescimus’ (We grow in harmony). Teamwork and collaboration are encouraged and, in Reception-Y3 rewarded through a ‘marbles in a jar’ system where classes earn marbles which lead to a treat chosen when a target number is reached. Pupils from all year groups play outside together at lunchtime and this ‘family feel’ is a key feature in our school. All pupils are allocated to one of the school’s 4 houses when joining Polam Hall and there are regular house activities, fundraising and assemblies to develop these bonds.

    By Year 6 pupils are expected to take on more responsibility and this can be anything from organising fundraising events to being selected as a prefect or house captain. As they grow in confidence, they are invited to show visitors around the school, lead assemblies and take on the mantle of being ambassadors for Junior School.

    Developing confidence is a priority within our school and all pupils are expected to participate in class regular assemblies and productions in front of 300+ people in the school’s Liddiard Theatre.

    We also have the Junior School Council where candidates present their manifestos to their peers prior to everyone voting. This is a marvellous introduction to the democratic process and gives our children both a voice within school and a right to self-expression. In addition, we also appoint a Junior Head Girl and Junior Head Boy each year plus deputies, and all of whom are elected by the pupils in Junior School.

    Rec-Y2 Children spend the majority of their time with their class teacher, enabling strong bonds of trust and pastoral care to become established.
    In KS2 children spend most of the week with their form tutor and are also taught daily by the ‘partner’ tutor in the year group, this extending the range of staff with whom the children are familiar as part of their transition up through Junior School.


    Our assembly programme is closely linked to our PSHCE development and, through a range of themes across the year, provides pupils with opportunities to explore and reflect upon their own understanding. This is all under the umbrella of appreciating and valuing the individual, in line with the Quaker Foundation of our school.

    Please click here to see our assembly themes for the year.



    A unique element to the pastoral care at Polam Hall School is the smooth transition from Reception all the way through to Y13. Pupils access shared parts of the site throughout their time in Junior School and as they move into Year 6, transition projects are planned to ensure that pupils feel confident prior to moving into year 7 and that staff are well informed to maintain progress.


    Wider Community

    Understanding our place in the global community is developed and encourages through PSHCE, Assemblies and participation in a variety of local and national fundraisers, including some nominated by Junior School Pupils.



    We have high expectations of behaviour at Polam Hall and the Junior School behaviour system was reviewed in 2017, led by the School Council, who were keen for expectations to be clear to all pupils and staff.

    To View the Junior Behaviour ladder please click here.

    In September 2017 we introduced ‘Marvellous Me’ as a way of sharing positive aspects of school with parents and families. When pupils are praised in school an app enables parents to see immediately what their child has done well and children are excited and motivated to know that the message has gone home.