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    Junior and Senior Day Places

    Applications for places at Polam Hall School need to be made through your Local Education Authority. This applies to all applicants from Reception through to Year 11. Applications are made on the Authority’s Common Application Form (CAF).



    You can contact the Admissions Team at Darlington Borough Council directly at:


    e-mail: schools.admissions@darlington.gov.uk 


    tel: 01325 405907 / 01325 405909.


    For more information on admissions contact Mrs Donna Carroll in our main School office on 01325 373809.


    Key dates

    The closing dates for applications to Darlington Borough Council for entry in September 2018 are as follows:


    Year 7    31 October 2017

    Reception 15 January 2018

    Offers will be sent out by your Local Education Authority by:


    Year 7 entry 1 March 2018

    Reception entry 30 April 2018

    In Year applications should be made to the Authority’s Admissions team and will be considered as places become available. Polam Hall follows a strict Admissions Policy as agreed with the Department for Education that can be viewed here. Section 5 covers the oversubscription criteria that is applied when allocating day places.


    Admissions Policy 2019-20

    Admission Policy 2020-21