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    House Competitions

    Polam Hall has a long-established house system and it is one that gives every pupil a sense of identity and belonging. Not only do our inter-house competitions introduce them to new challenges and opportunities to succeed, they also help to develop vital interpersonal skills and generate lasting friendships across different year groups.

    Our four houses are named after four rivers: Kent, Skerne, Swale and Tees. The Skerne, Swale and Tees are obvious choices being local rivers close to our School. The River Kent is in Cumbria but still has a strong connection to Polam, as Kendal was home to the Lockwood sisters who in 1888 came over the Pennines to run the School.
    House loyalty and competition among staff and students is fierce. Pupils stay in the same house for their entire school life and the memories made through house victories become lifelong, as many former pupils will testify.

    The house system is used in Juniors to encourage teamwork and co-operation while nurturing academic commitment and sporting excellence. We run annual competitions in sport, general knowledge, maths, science, and performing talent, while house points are also awarded for community spirit and personal endeavour, as well for good work in class and for representing the School In various activities.
    House events are a constant fixture for our Seniors with competitions in hockey, football, netball, rugby, tennis, athletics, basketball, swimming, and more. We have athletics and Sports Day and competitions in public speaking and music, but the real highlight of the Senior house calendar is the annual House Play. Pupils work in their house teams to write, design and deliver a 20-minute play with minimal adult intervention. It’s a demanding schedule including auditions, props, marketing, and rehearsals, culminating in a final performance in front of independent adjudicators. The rules are rigid and the standard of performance is always impressive with huge amounts of energy, initiative and leadership coming to the fore.
    House captains

    There is no shortage of opportunity for leadership at Polam Hall, and the role of house captains is one of the most demanding. Our four captains are elected by their peers and have the responsibility of organising some of our most prestigious annual events, as well as the honour of awarding prizes at various celebratory house assemblies throughout the year.