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    Subject overview

    The English Department at Polam Hall is dedicated to instilling a life-long love of English Language and Literature into all of our young minds.

    Our curriculum is designed to ignite passion into the subject, encourage imagination and creativity whilst enriching knowledge and understanding of core topics.

    Great poets, playwrights, classical and contemporary authors are explored throughout all key stages – thus allowing students to develop a deep awareness of writer’s viewpoints and techniques. Students also acquire skills to communicate effectively, adapting their writing to suit a range of styles and purpose.

    In Key Stage 3, our students are familiarised with fundamental skills needed for future examinations and thereafter. We draw upon a range of teaching and learning strategies to promote independence, resilience and confidence into our students – as well as nurturing essential reading, writing and communicative skills.

    In Key Stage 4, students build upon the ability to develop an insightful, perceptive and analytical exploration of Language, whilst enhancing their own crafted use of vocabulary and techniques.

    At GCSE students follow the AQA English Language and Literature specifications. Further details can be found using this link:

    At A Level students follow the AQA A Level English Language and English Literature A specification. Further details can be found using this link:

    At Polam Hall School we assess KS3 students against age related expectations and have defined the curriculum for all Senior School students through the core skills and core knowledge for each year group. Further details for English can be found here:


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