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    Ellie Givens

    Ellie Givens – Professional Golfer, Europe & US

    When were you at Polam?

    From Reception to U6 (1993 – 2007)

    What did you study at Polam?

    Maths, PE and Physics

    What are you doing today?

    Professional golfer on the Ladies European Tour and Symetra Tour (US). I play in numerous tournaments throughout the year and receive prize money based on my result at each event. When I am not competing I train at Rockliffe Hall near Darlington five to six days a week. Training involves golf-specific and general gym work to strengthen and protect my body and also involves working on swing technique and feel on and off the course. I also make all my travel, accommodation and visa arrangements for tournament weeks and keep financial records for my business.

    How did Polam help you to get there?

    Polam Hall helped me by teaching me the academic and social skills needed to work towards my ambitions. Although my dream job was certainly a little different to the majority of other students at Polam, I was given a lot of encouragement and the fact that classes were small meant that I was able to have a strong relationship with many of the teachers.

    What’s your best memory of Polam?

    I have many great memories of my time at Polam; it’s hard to pinpoint one! I think it would have to be of the friends that I made at Polam and am still close with today. We almost always talk about our time at Polam when we meet up.

    Who was you favourite teacher?

    I enjoyed being taught Maths by Mrs Lawrence – she is the best teacher I have ever come across! When I went to Uni I realised just how much she had taught me during the 7 years in the Senior School. I also enjoyed being taught PE by Mrs Pearson and Miss Litherland – they were really enthusiastic and supportive of my golfing achievements as well as being so involved in the teams at Polam.