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    Polam Hall values the cultural enrichment offered by our international boarders. They have a great deal to contribute and it is a privilege to learn from them. Diversity and inclusivity are fundamental to our school values and there is no better way to demonstrate this than for us to do our utmost to fully integrate our international students into daily school life.

    Individual attention

    Every boarder for whom English is not their first language is offered regular EAL classes from the outset, if required. This helps them to develop proficiency and confidence. Classes usually take place whilst other students are studying a second language but, in addition, boarders also receive individual one-on-one attention, if needed, during their mainstream subjects.

    We keep our EAL groups very small – typically between two or nine students – and staff are highly experienced and qualified. Pupils are given support in improving accuracy in grammar and developing their range of vocabulary. The focus is on developing their conversational skills, as well as learning key vocabulary that is subject-specific and necessary for academic study.

    As well as developing language skills, Polam Hall’s EAL programme also assists with cultural integration and teaches key learning strategies needed across the curriculum.