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    With the ever increasing availability of technology for our pupils we are very aware that alongside the many advantages and benefits of computers, tablets, phones, internet and so on there are also some very real dangers and concerns particularly when pupils are accessing things independently.


    In school we regularly cover e safety, as is age appropriate, as part of the curriculum.  Following recent pupils and parent workshops delivered by NSPCC and Durham Constabulary we hope that the following links may be useful to parents.


    www.net-aware.org.uk allows you to search for social networking sites and contains lots of information including age restrictions, what the site does, what the risks are (how likely that there will be exposure to visible violence, sexual behaviours, bullying etc) and contains views on the site form both parents and children.


    www.internetmatters.org includes information about setting controls on your internet router and other devices as well as age specific guides and advice for children from 0-14+


    www.thinkuknow.co.uk is the education programme from the National Crime Agency’s CEOP command.  It enables you to report concerns but also has guidance for parents as well as sections for chidlren from 5-14+


    www.iwf.org.uk is the Internet Watch Foundation – an international organisation working to make the internet safer which allows you to report criminal context, specifically child sexual abuse and images.


    NSPCC is working in partnership with O2 to provide completely free help and support in staying safe online.  You don’t have to be an O2 customer and there is no pressure to buy into their services.  This support can be accessed  in three ways:


    Freephone number: 0808 800 502


    Website: www.O2.co.uk/help/NSPCC


    Via any O2 shop – just ask them for advice.  They will check things such as privacy settings on any device/laptop/phone free of charge and provide other support/advice around internet use/apps/websites.


    Further information is also available on the NSPCC website including some tips for parents on how to tackle conversations with their children around internet safety – www.nspcc.org.uk/preventing-abuse/keeping-children-safe/share-aware


    Current Websites/Apps to be Aware of:


    www.roblox.com – a social platform for play with Leo-like figures – there is the facility to link with other users online who children may not know and, in some areas of the country, there have been reports of inappropriate links being made.


    www.sarahah.com – a messaging app which allows anonymous comments to be left – this has been the root of a number of concerns around anonymous bullying across the country.  Google and Apple have recently removed this app from their stores.

    Fortnite – An overview of the game. 

    Please find below a link providing an overview and further information on the game FORTNITE which is currently being played by many pupils in the local area.  We have been sent this link by the Local Authority in order that we can make parents aware.