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    Applications for boarding at Polam Hall are invited from students Year 7 upwards who have a passport from a country within the European Economic Area (EEA).

    How to apply

    If you live in England you must complete two forms:

    1) Your Local Education Authority’s own Common Application Form (CAF)

    2) Polam Hall’s Boarding Application Form

    If you hold an EU/EEA passport and reside overseas you must complete two forms:

    1) Either Polam Hall’s Senior School Application Form for Boarders (Years 7-11) or our Sixth Form Application Form for Boarders (Year 12)

    2) Polam Hall’s Boarding Application Form


    Sixth Formers interested in Boarding

    Sixth Form students living further afield benefit hugely from boarding, be it full-time boarding or weekly. Less time travelling to and from home each day means more time for private study and extra-curricular activities, plus life away from home helps to prepare them for university. Most of our Y12 and Y13 students opt for weekly boarding, staying with us from Monday to Thursday and returning home at weekends. It gives them the best of both worlds, allowing many to experience independent living whilst sustaining Saturday jobs and local friendship groups at home.

    Weekly boarding is offered at a special discounted rate of £2,000 per term. This includes university-style accommodation and all meals through the week.

    Applicants must complete both a Boarding Application Form and a Sixth Form Application Form and the links are below.

    We are still accepting applications for Sixth Form boarding starting in September 2018.

    As a Free School Polam Hall also offers Sixth Form applicants a special Rural Boarding Bursary open to all Year 12 students who live more than 10 miles from Darlington. If successful, an applicant is able to board for up to 4 nights a week at a discounted price of just £1,000 a term, including food. Bursary applicants must complete both a Boarding Application Form and a Sixth Form Application Form alongside a short letter stating why they would like to be considered. More details on Boarding Admissions here.


    Download the relevant application forms




    Please send completed school application forms directly to the School at this address:

    Boarding Admissions, Main Office, Polam Hall School, Grange Road, Darlington, DL1 5PA

    Or scan and email the forms as pdf attachments to: information@polamhall.com

    We are taking boarding applications for September 2018. Anyone wanting more information should contact our Admissions Officer in the first instance on 01325 463383.


    All applicants are interviewed, either face to face or via Skype, and the child’s present school will be contacted for a reference. We will take into account any additional information you provide about your child’s suitably as a boarder. In particular, we look for evidence of self-reliance and independence alongside a genuine desire to board. Medical issues, dietary needs and any necessary learning support will also be discussed.


    Admission Policy 2020-21