Polam’s alumni association, known as PHOSA or the Old Scholars’ Association, was founded in 1894.

The Association provides a popular way for former pupils to keep in contact with old friends and socialise and network in regular events and reunions. However, the particular strength of PHOSA is to support current pupils at Polam, by providing funds for facilities and equipment, and by endowing bursaries and awards.

PHOSA is always very happy to hear from old scholars who would like to join the association or to volunteer their time to sit on the committee. The committee meets four times a year.

Every year, the incoming President plants a rose along the Rose Terrace. It is a meaningful way to mark a connection between past and present pupils, a connection which is felt throughout the school and which, in the form of awards such as the annual Exhibition, does a lot to help the next generation to make the most of their time at Polam.

Highlights of the year include the Old Scholars’ weekend in June, the President’s Evening, which is usually a fundraising event for the Good Cause, and then a President’s Lunch. Members also receive a regular newsletter with updates on campaigns, news, school events and reports about fellow old scholars.

Please contact us for more information or if you’d like to join.