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    A Level Studies

    Sixth Form

    The majority of A Level students at Polam Hall School study for three A Levels – with four as an option for those wishing to progress to the study of Medicine or Veterinary Science at University.

    In addition, all of our Sixth Form students will complete the Extended Project Qualification – allowing them to pursue their areas of individual interest and prepare themselves well for the independent study required at degree level. The EPQ, as it is known, is recognised by many universities as a good stepping stone to the challenge of Higher Education.

    Polam Hall School prides itself on the leadership opportunities which it offers to all students, but particularly at Sixth Form. We don’t just talk about leadership – here our Year 12 and Year 13 students lead Houses and the programme of House competitions, put on House plays, run Interact, manage the School Council… the list goes on! To formally recognise this our Sixth Form students will complete the SSAT Student Leadership Accreditation so that these experiences are recognised through a portfolio which can be used in applications for university, apprenticeship or employment.

    Each A Level subject has 4.5 timetabled hours per week in Year 12 increasing to 5 hours in Year 13. Students are expected to spend at least the equivalent time working independently as background reading and individual research are vital for achieving high grades at A Level. Polam Hall School has dedicated Sixth Form social areas and a well resourced library for study. We also offer supervised study periods in Year 12 to encourage effective work habits.

    Each leaflet is double-sided A5 size. Please print out and fold in half.

    Click on the tabs below for more detailed information on each A Level subject.

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    EPQ-overview.pdf1.45 Mb


    At Polam Hall School we endeavour to develop the whole person and never more so than at Sixth Form. Enrichment and PE are part of the Sixth Form timetable and both are compulsory. Enrichment is a 12-month multi-discipline course involving a cross section of subject teachers and outside speakers and is taken in Year 12. Topics covered range from personal safety, money management, politics, health and drugs awareness, business and careers. The course is structured to encourage independent learning through practical investigations and original research.

    Links to other websites that can help you when selecting your A Level subjects: