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    Combined Cadet Force: Exercise 1st Look

    Well done to the new recruits to CCF who were put through their paces in their first 24 hour exercise on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th May. They were a credit to the school and proved their resilience in a number of testing exercises. Below are reports from two of the Year 8 cadets:


    First look was a fun exercise and it has tested us with our skills including signals, observation, basha building and camo and concealment. The signals were easy to learn and remember. Observation was one of the harder ones because you had to have a good eye to spot items around the area. Basha building was quite easy but took a bit of patience because you had to lay the bottom sheet then peg it down, then place the top sheet and connect it to the trees and make sure it stays suspended. After you got the top and bottom done you would have to build up the sides. Finally the last lesson we did was camo and concealment. We had to go into one of the fields in the moors with camo cream and stay still and silent. Then we had a night patrol which was long, wet and fun. We had to cross parts of the moors and go to a tent and gather information and get back to the camp and share the information with our sergeant whilst we had to not be seen and not make a noise. On the last day we were doing team exercises which were also really fun and I think the part I enjoyed most about the team exercises was the Under, Over, Through task where each person had to pass over, under or through the ropes,  and if one person touched it we had to start all over again.

    Overall it was a really exciting weekend. We all had fun and I enjoyed the whole time we were there.

    Cadet Ben Ashleigh


    The best bit about exercise one was the night patrol it was exhilarating as we walked crawled and ran through muddy swamps whilst trying to stay as quite as possible, there were guards who patrolled round the tent we were trying to get into. Once we had entered the tent we had about five minutes to get as much info about the enemy as possible and once the five minutes was over we had to sprint out the back of the tent and back to camp were we dried off and went to sleep ready for the next day of excitement.

    Cadet Alfie Reid