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    The Grenadier Guards come to visit!


    On Wednesday, students were entertained by a Brass Quintet from the Grenadier Guards who visited us as part of a recruitment tour whilst on relief from their Public Duties at Buckingham Palace. In the morning performance Junior students were introduced to the different brass instruments typically found in a quintet and got to listen to traditional pieces like ‘Frere Jacques’, ‘Kalinka’ and the ‘Post Horn Gallop’. They particularly seemed to enjoy joining in with a sing-a-long and dance to ‘Baby Shark’.


    In the afternoon, Senior students enjoyed a longer programme of music with more challenging Quintet repertoire and film classics such as ‘James Bond’ and ‘Singing in the Rain’. Jason Hunter particularly liked listening to ‘Over the Rainbow’ and Morgan Houston was impressed at how the musicians could play so loud without fainting! As well as hearing an outstanding performance, students also learnt about life as a Musician in the Armed Forces and the exciting opportunities they could experience. Some students were able to try on the famous bear-skinned hat, although, even wearing a bear-skin, none of them quite were quite as tall as Sergeant Hall!