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    GCSE Year 11 Poetry Live day

    Year 11 students had a very productive day at a GCSE live poetry reading event in Harrogate on Wednesday 30th January. They were treated to performances of poetry from genuine real life authors such as the current Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy, Gillian Clarke, John Agard and Simon Armitage amongst others. There was also a handy exam hints session from the Chief Examiner for English Literature who gave students hints on how to improve their unseen comparison work.

    I’m told that, during the day, Polam Hall got itself noticed for all the right reasons. Coincidentally, the Chief Examiner used to teach Mr. Robson when he was doing O Levels in the 1980’s, so old acquaintances were renewed, and a good contact made for Polam. Mrs. Squires questioned Simon Armitage on the themes of his work and was invited to the front to develop her question with him! The staff that accompanied the students reported to me that they were impeccable in conduct and concentration and represented Polam Hall outstandingly. Mr Robson has sent me two quotes from students who attended the day:

    “I personally liked John Agard yesterday the most because I had enjoyed his poetry before we studied him in class. He was very charismatic and energetic and his range of vocabulary was exquisite” – TRISTAN ARTHUR

    “ I personally liked Dalgit Nagra because I like his Sing Song poem which I though was really class and it made me laugh” – CRISTIAN TURNER- BELL