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    Anti-Bullying Week Rap







    It’s a rap as teacher finds theright chemistry with pupils


    Mr Sheikh who doubles as a rap artist has helped to deliver an important message of respect and tolerance today.


    The award-winning teacher gave a rip-roaring performance as Inter Faith Week and Anti-Bullying Week were creatively brought together.


    Mr Sheikh’s performance was the climax of a week in which pupils listened to speakers representing a variety of faiths, including Jewish, Muslim, Church of England, Baptists, Methodists, Baha’i, and The Quakers.


    During the inspirational session, Mr Sheikh a former winner in the national Teaching Awards – told pupils: “This school is great because of you guys and what you represent, baby.

    “We can all do amazing things for this community. We need to respect each other and aim high in everything we do. Don’t see a wall as an obstacle – let’s make a difference by getting over those obstacles together.”


    Several pupils helped with staging the performance, including Alfie Leach who joined Amer as a rapper in dark sun-glasses.


    Mrs Reid said: “This is a school which believes in looking after everyone no matter what their background, so we wanted to invite in as many faiths as possible to deliver a message about respect and tolerance in ways that really engaged the pupils.


    “Amer’s performance was a creative, powerful way of bringing Inter Faith Week and Anti-Bullying Week to a climax, and the pupils clearly enjoyed it.”