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    Town Sports

    This year for Town Sports we had over 70 students competing and performed well in all age groups. 


    Polam finished 4th Overall out of the 8 Darlington Schools. This is an excellent achievement considering our size compared to other schools in Darlington, an improvement on last year where we finished 5th overall. 


    Well done to everyone who competed and tried their very best in some very hot conditions. 


    Highlights from our medalists were…


    Tess H Y8 throwing 18.76m in Javelin which was a new Town Record. 

    Isabel S Y8 1st in High Jump (1.38m)

    Caitlin M Y9 1st in the Standing Triple Jump (6.73m) and 1st in 800m (2.34.5)

    Ciaran D Y9 – 1st in 300m (39.4s) 

    Curro T Y9 – 1st in High Jump (1.55m)

    And getting Ice Lollies after lunch which were very well deserved!!! Thanks 6th form for bringing them for us all! 


    Other highlights included:-

    A very exciting boys race the Y7 Boys 4x400m team finishing 3rd. 

    Alfie L 3rd in Y7 Hurdles. 

    Storm S 3rd in Y7 Discus

    Finn G 2nd in Y8 Javelin 21.72m 

    Isabel S 3rd in Y8 100m 

    Millie M 3rd in Y8 1500m

    Courtney S 3rd in Y8 200m

    Cherys W 2nd in Y8 Hurdles

    Jess W 3rd in Y8 800m 

    Rosie  2nd in Y8 Discus

    Thomas J 2nd Y9 Javelin 25.79m (8cm off 1st!)

    The Y9 Boys Mile Team – 3rd place!!!

    Jakob N 3rd in Triple Jump

    Y9 Girls 4 x 100m team 3rd

    Emily O 3rd in Y9 Hurdles

    Megan H 3rd in Y9 Discus

    Grace M 3rd in Y9 High Jump

    Izaak T 3rd in Y10 1500m 

    Alejandro G 3rd in Y10 Triple Jump

    Millie T 2nd in Y10 1500m & 3rd in High Jump

    Alana R 2nd in Y10 Hurdles

    Lottie S 3rd in Y10 Discus

    Niamh B 2nd in Y10 Javelin 


    The U14 Rounders team won the Town Competition last night beating all schools to win the tournament. 

    Girls involved included: Natalia C, Amy S, Megan D, Natasha C, Lily E, Megan H, Millie R, Caitlin M, Emily O, Maddie S, Grace L

    Beating Carmel 9-5, Hummersknott 6-4, Wyvern 10-2.5, EV 11-2.5, Longfield 8-8 but won on less players out. 

     A special thank you to our Year 9 Sports Leaders again this week who were excellent at the Eastbourne Quad Kids Finals for Y2 children from Darlington. Excellent confidence and patience shown. Well done Y9 again!!!

    Leaders included:- Adam H, Tom A, Alex P, Thomas J, Jakob N, Caitlin M, Grace L, Emily O, Grace M, Maddie S, Kelcy H, Maddie R Abi F. 

    Lets look to do even better next year! Well done to all athletes as every point really does make a difference. 

    Mr Wilkinson